Company profile

Shandong SinoChip Semiconductors Co. Ltd, a leading provider in Data Storage Controller and Secure SSD (Solid State Drive) solution, is among the initial nationally planned key IC design enterprises and key high technology enterprises of China Torch Program, and is authorized as manufacturer and distributor for National Commercial Encryption products.

Sinochip, focusing on Secure Memory Controller design and the R&D, manufacture and sale of SSD solution, is the only domestic corporation providing chip design and solution with ultra-high speed interface and large data storage control capability supporting national cryptography standards. Sinochip introduced the first national encryption standard USB 3.0 data storage controller HX6802 (national encryption model: SSX1411), the first national encryption standard SATA3.0 data storage controller HX8800 (national encryption model: SSX1526), and a series of products for mobile secure data storage and SSD solutions, which broke the monopoly of foreign companies and improved on-chip system firmware platform and service capability for customized products. We also build a good domestic ecosphere and collaborative development system with wafer manufacture companies, IC packaging companies, Loongson CPU, CETC KunLun BIOS, China Standard Software Co. NeoKylin Linux Advanced Operating System, and other computer companies. We are also registered as a member of Zhongguancun Cloud Computing Information association and Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance of Storage.

      Sinochip establishes and executes human resource development strategy. By introducing and developing global talents, we accelerate our R&D and technological innovation of chip design. Several experts have joined Sinochip through Thousand Talents Project, Taishan Top Talents Program and Global Distinguished High-level Talents Program. By working with global experts in academia and industry, Sinochip has assumed and finished the new generation DRAM  R&D and industrialization special project in the national major program for the core integrated circuit device, high-end general-purpose chip and basic software, new non-volatile memory chip design project in  the national high technology research and development program of China ( 863 program ) , Secure Solid State Drive Controller R&D and industrialization in Shandong Scientific and Technological Key program, and so on, and have applied for more than 130 patents.

      Sinochip provides advanced technology and products for our customers. For domestic computer and secure data storage, we produce a series of secure SSDs with five features - hardware cryptography, reliable flash management technology, BIOS mutual key certificate, special hidden partition management, and exclusively domestic operation system API. Our secure memory controller and solid state drive have widely used in military, government, academic institutions, public security organs, power system, transport system, wealth tax system, financial system, customs system, and provide independent, controllable, secure, reliable technologies and products.